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We are in the land of wine and olives, we are in the waters of the Ebro river, and on the stones of La Mussara. On the roman remains of Tarraco, and in our lands history, between remains and villages that tell ancient stories, and people that commit themselves to living authentically. Here, where you can share your table with good wine and delicious food.

We are in Tarragona, an open, culturally rich territory, with some fantastic natural spots to explore.


We are responsible for converting your visit into an exceptional experience. We have investigated the area in depth in order to find the best spots, products, projects, people, and from there we work hard to create bespoke tours, with every last detail accounted for. First we enjoyed it, tasted it, and walked it, so that we can offer you the best, most authentic experiences.

We live our land and our jobs with passion. We are not just guides, we are also engineers, farmers, cultural promoters, teachers, photographers, naturalists, cyclists, active members of our society, giving your visit a wider focus.

Our team started with two traveler friends, lovers of life, who decided to embark on a path that reflected their way of life and respected their mutual values.

The excitement of sharing their cultural heritage, preserving the little things that are being lost and forgotten - jobs, ways of life, food - was their motivation to create INDRETS and to try to find other ways of seeing, feeling and learning.

Susanna Alaitz

International travel guide in Banoa Bidaiak. and a specialist in Asian, Himalian and Muslim countries. She’s been living with a backpack for years, passionate about different ethnicities and cultures. Now she is back home and has embarked on the great adventure of becoming a mum and starting a new business. With INDRETS, she is now focused on sharing her own land with others.

Art and music, festival and cultural promoter, life-education and different ecological and local production projects defender. Image and photography technician, and life lover, curious in everything she can try and experiment with in this rich life.

Joan Fillat

Engineer and entrepreneur in various business adventures. After working as an Engineer, and as the technical director of a company with international collaborations, Joan has embarked on a new adventure with INDRETS.

In love with his land, hiker, cyclist, motorbiker and passionate about good food with good wine. He is an inveterate traveler, and has explored all four corners of the world. With INDRETS he will be able to combine his love of traveling and his love for his land, it's values and traditions.

Pep Ulldemolins

I began hiking as a child. Thanks to photography I discovered alpinism with different climbs in the Pyrinees, Morocco, The Alps, Scandinavia, The Andes, Canada’s Rocky Mountains and The Himalayas.

Long distance cycling routs lover, I’ve traveled extensively in Catalonia and Europe. My love of traveling and learning from people are my motivation. Author of 2 mountain bike books (Ribera d’Ebre and Priorat guides) and my personal blog: with more than 600 articles published since 2006.

After spending the last few years teaching, I would like to show great spots in my local area by bike. I think that to enjoy mountains and nature you don’t need anything other than open senses and a ready heart.

Ferran Aguilar

Naturalist, photographer and Environmental adviser, consultant. Founder and CEO of, professional association working on environmental education with photography, graphic design and editorial illustration. All of it with a clear scope: show and educate.

This dissemination vocation has been reflected in an 6 author and 15 co-author editorial book production. Simultaneously he has imparted more than a hundred photography courses and workshops.

Currently working as a Communication Manager in “MN Consultors”, in “Conservation Science”. Throughout 2014 he worked as a teacher and collaborator in the Nikon School of Barcelona.

Recently he has been award winner of Foto NIKON Nature contest, the natural contest of EISA MAESTRO in macrophotography and the national award LUX de Oro.