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Our products and recipes deserve to be savoured. Our priority is that you enjoy local products, centered in a 'slow food' philosophy.

You will taste food fresh from our land and sea, harvested and caught locally, prepared and cooked lovingly, and served directly to your table, with the best wines within our borders.

Catalunya produces some of the highest quality, award winning wines in the world. We have more than 20 local varieties of native grape, which have traditionally been used to produce these regions' wines: Garnacha, Xarel·lo, Macabeu, Samsó, Picapoll, Trepat,…

A diverse heritage worked on by whole generations of families dedicated to wine.

INDRETS wants to show you cellars where high quality wines are produced with respect for the original craft of winemaking and small scale productions. The environment, where these vineyards grow, is a good letter of recommendation to our country!

Steep hillsides, unknown lands, cultivated plains surrounded by forests, and of course, respect for the seasonal flow of nature. This all means that this fruit can be converted into the best wine to be found on any table.

Wine deserves all of our attention, but it would be criminal to forget about the local beers, honey, cheese, meats and jams…


With every bottle of wine uncorked, the hopes, dreams and dedication of an entrepreneur emerge.

Grapes, bound to our land and culture for centuries, are a symbol of the identity and heritage of Old Europe. Their leaves, roots and fruit and the human work that produces them, are infused with the stories of the men and women that work with them.

They are a sensorial present for us, a liquid that as it passes over our palate, leaves an infinite trace in time.

South Catalunya - Priorat, Montsant, Penedes and Terra Alta -stand out as the best wine producing regions.

INDRETS wants to show you these regions giving priority to pampered, small scale productions, committed to local grape varieties and limited production. Because we know that you want to experience the enrichment of enjoying every authentic detail.

Globalization is in vogue, but other ways of doing things exist, and are flourishing here; these are what we want to show you.

Women and men have been following their dreams to serve you their final result, their fruit. Unique and unbeatable.

That is our promise.


With the rural exodus of the 1950s and 60s we lost part of our authenticity due to agricultural mechanization and the use of chemical and pharmaceutical products.

The result are monocultures. Life in the last few decades has changed our diet at a vertiginous rate. But some people have decided to change the course of history, making themselves exceptions, repopulating the countryside.

Producers committed to the introduction of concepts such as permaculture, bio-dynamism, organic and seasonal food, respect for nature and the value of human work, are ensuring that we can get quality, local products once again.

INDRETS focuses on:

· Oil: Our olive trees and their local olive variety. The culture around this golden and valuable liquid that accompanies every meal.

· Honey: Non- treated honey produced by healthy, unmedicated bees. Understanding their complex social structure and the great job they do to produce an excellent product.

· Beer: The recuperation of an historical drink and the commitment to introducing it to the market again, using traditional, healthy recipes, with more flavour.

· Cheese and meat: Farmers with their goats and sheep are back, grazing on the mountain sides. Young people are returning to the countryside, animals have space to forage freely. Delicious, organic and natural meat.

· Vegetables: Biodiversity and knowledge of the seasonal farming of vegetables. Tasty and packed with health-giving properties.