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The experiences that we are offering have very distinct and significant features.

We have monuments, celebrations, rituals and traditions - the totally unique features that form our culture and identity. We want you to experience our essence, what we call in Catalan, “el nostre tarannà”.

Our surroundings are full of nooks and corners where historical incidents, battles, peace treaties and uprisings have taken place, marking our history. We will recount our local legends and stories, transporting you to distant times, to our past.

On our path we will find astonishingly beautiful monuments and landscapes where throughout history, countless artists have reflected their creativity on stone, wood and glass. You will see different architectural styles from ancient times: Romanic, Gothic, Barroc, Modernist…

Monasteries, Carthusian Monasteries, chapels, churches, amphitheaters: All of them situated in unique natural spots, where silence will reign long into the future.

Here you will find the serenity of our land, taking you closer to our past in order to help you to better understand our present.


The landscape you will visit is part of the life of its inhabitants and we see it as a vital part of your experience.

Our focus is on the dreams of small businesses that have built their livelihoods with special care and attention to the environment.

Gastronomical, enological, artistic, organic - micro-projects that will show you part of our emerging economy and our character.

People who are committed to sustainability, local products, local economy and self-employment help to preserve the authenticity and uniqueness at the heart of each region.

We want you to meet these people, to find out for yourselves, to feel free to ask questions, to connect. They will give you their time…you deserve it.


The city of Tarragona has an important Roman archeological heritage. The Circ, the Amphitheatre, the ruins, the remains. Art impregnates every corner of the city - each new building site uncovers another archeological discovery.

The memory of the Roman Empire lives in Tarragona, uniting the charms of a small mediterranean city, its fishing and its culture, to its past. Outside the city, art and culture is scattered all over the province in the form of monasteries, castles and towers, all of them bound to Catalunya's history.

We will not forget, amongst the world of contemporary art, the artist herself, little recognised in our country nowadays. INDRETS wants to show you local artist's studios, with their stories, processes and artwork that dignify their role in our society. Artists whose aim is to marry their values of territorial preservation with their artistic projects.

A sensitive matter in an insensitive, numb world.


In the south of Catalunya we have cultural traditions that are totally unique to us; els diables, els castells (human towers, recognised by UNESCO as a unique world heritage tradition), celebrations with pagan or religious origins bound to our culture, that express the inspiration of the Catalan people throughout the centuries.

Unfortunately we cannot celebrate all year! During festivals, however, we can organise specific trips to incorporate these important cultural happenings, or we can fit celebrations into established trips, so that your visit to our land can benefit from an extra little drop of happiness!